Thursday, August 14, 2008


What effect GPU RAM really have for gamers and CUDA programming alike?
Do current video cards push too much VRAM or too little is the question game websites have generally shown over 512VRAM largely unused and over 1GB to actually begin to be detrimental in certain cases, but have these sites really tested the right applications is what I ask you?

What most benchmark sites I've seen around generally test video games alone and haven't seen any attempt to dig into how it might benift other graphic card related applications. Anyways the games typically tested are First Person Shooters such as Crysis and while they're demanding video games they seem to lack a lot of the texture divirsity found in mmorpg's that have literally thousands of subsiquent textures due to the vast amounts of different armors and weapons availible in the game to give it that fantasy atmosphere we MMORPG fans enjoy so much. On top of that there are usually more players on a screen pushing the texture variety further and the game maps themselves can be a lot larger. So with all this texture usage in MMORPG's why aren't games like Age of Conan or Everquest 2 used to test the impact on VRAM? Also as a mmo player I've played multiple accounts at the same time on a variety of mmo games which stresses VRAM that much further why do benchmark sites neglect testing that gaming scenario as well and what about 3DStudioMax, Maya, and Photoshop?

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